Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pine needle basketry

I learned how to make this basket at Saskatoon Primitive Skills Gathering. This is a great gathering! This is an "all" needle basket, meaning no center piece to start, just needles. This basket was very relaxing to do, especially if you sew. It felt more like sewing than basketry. I would really like to investigate in the future making twine fine enough to sew with. I used artifical sinew on this one for learning purposes. I know roots were often used on other types of coiled baskets. I am also working on a bone needle to use for basketry or leather work.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Willow basket

I did an experiment with some weeping willow to see about weaving green. It wove so beautifully. I was in heaven with nice long weavers. I also harvested some red osier for some color at the top.

I tightened it up as it was drying...but still it became loose and very open. So, listen to the books. They are right about weaving green. The material shrinks as drying and your basket will be floppy and want to come apart. This basket is still totally usable, if needed in a tight situation, you could weave green for an immediate need. But for a nice tight basket that will last, dry your material first. Then soak it when ready to use. Happy weaving!

Tule harvesting

I took my daughter out harvesting tules last summer 2014 in a canyon nearby. I plan to make some sort of basket this winter with these tules, but not sure what style yet....doing some research. I will post pics as I am weaving. These tules are much smaller than normal. They are growing where the pond dries up in late summer, so they only get so big. Makes it easy for harvesting though.

I hope to have my daughter make a basket too! She is pretty good with her hands.